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Question #1w

LISTing Netlog by "View"

I use the List facility of NetResults/z for providing documentation of problems. Although this question is specifically about listing Netlog, I also occasionally list the System logs.

I don't have any problems with the List by "Time" option, it's easy. The List by "View" option is also easy, but the listing it produces always starts from the "current" filtered View and continues, downward, to the end of the most recent (currently active) log.

My question is: How can I make the List by "View" option include "all" of the filtered hits, starting from the top of the oldest (inactive) log to the end of the current (active) log ?

Answer #1w

The List by View option always starts from the "current" screen. So if you want "all" of the filtered hits on both logs;

Before issuing the "List View" request - Enter an M (Max) on the Command line, press PF7 (takes you to the top of the oldest log), then issue the "List View" request.

This will produce a sysout, to the destination you chose, containing every record, on both logs, that matches your filtering criteria. This technique can be used with Netlog, Syslog, and AO log List requests.

Incidentally, if you need a sequential data set, instead of the sysout, you can issue an "Archive" View instead of a "List" View. Archive View will produce a GDG containing a REPRO image of the Netlog entries matching your view.

Please note, however, that the Archive "View" option, is exclusively for Netlogs.

Question #2w

Destination of Sysout produced by the List Facility

I usually route the sysout produced by the List facility of NetResults/z to a printer on the "same" system. How can I route that sysout to a printer on another "system" ?

Answer #2w

When you route to a local printer, you specify "DEST=printername". When you route to a printer that is on another system, just prefix the destination printername with the system id.

For example: "DEST=systemname.printername"

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