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It seems that whenever I'm Viewing the Network logs, the Viewscope line always shows a range of 24 hours, from the current date/time. Even though a PN (Profile Netlog) command shows we have over three full days of data on the combined primary and secondary Netlog data sets.

My question is: Why; and how can I get to the rest of the data ?

Answer #1

The View facility of NetResults/z dynamically manages the starting and ending time period of the data it presents to you, based on the NTRPARMS parameter, VIEWSCOPE. By default, it sets your Viewscope "To" date/time to the current date/time, and your Viewscope "From" date/time to the current date/time, minus 48 hours.

The default timespan can and should be tweaked, however, to reflect the needs of "each" installation.

This is usually done at "installation" time, but can be easily done at "any" time thereafter, through the "VIEWSCOPE=nn" statement in the NTRPARMS member on NetView's DSIPARM data set.

It appears that the default VIEWSCOPE setting in your shop has been set to 24 hours (VIEWSCOPE=24). To verify that's the case, look at the NTRPARMS member of DSIPARM, or issue a NetResults/z SHOW command and review the "Global Viewscope" value.

To override the DEFAULT setting, dynamically, just specify an "hours" value in the "VS=nn" operand on your next View request.

You can also specify "VS=E" to effect an "unrestricted" Viewscope, so you'll "always" see "every" message in both Netlogs, Syslogs, etc.

If you want to revert back to your default Viewscope, later; just specify the "VS=R" operand on your next View request.

You can also override the default Viewscope by specifying either a FROM date/time and/or a TO date/time, on the Vscope line.

The VIEWSCOPE "throttle", if you will, was intended to prevent end-users from issuing "carte blanche" filtered View requests, against Netlogs containing "massive" amounts of data. For shops that fit that profile, it's great.

Most shops, however, have between 24-48 hours of data in both of their Netlogs, combined. Because the profile and the needs of each shop does vary, we have set the "release" DEFAULT Viewscope setting, in the NTRPARMS member, to 48 hours.

VIEWSCOPE=48, seems to fit well in many different, shops. If you prefer not to use the Viewscope "throttle", it is easily nullified by changing the NTRPARMS statement to VIEWSCOPE=0.


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