NetResults/z is a new product offering which has evolved from its predesessor NetResults/390.

NetResults/z is a robust NetView-based Problem Determination (PD) Tool, providing powerful Viewing facilities for OPERLOG, USS logs, SYSLOG, JOBLOG, NETLOG, AON log and RODM log data sets.

NetResults/z provides a powerful CACHing Facility that enables rapid access to OPERLOG and USS logs

NetResults/z also provides a dynamic List Facility that provides documentation of the problem(s) at hand.

A Netlog Archive facility provides for automated archiving and restoration of Netlog data sets.

A NetView Show facility, that's designed for NetView application development, debugging and analysis, is also provided.

An Alert Monitoring Facility (AMF) can proactively monitor messages recorded to key SYSOUT data sets like the MSGUSR TDQ of CICS and trigger an Alert CLIST whenever the data content in a SYSOUT message match a filter.


Hallmarks of NetResults/z:

Seamless concatenation and soft-indexing of both the spool-resident and offline (JES2 or JES3) SYSLOG data sets, provides instantaneous access to as much SYSLOG data as you may require. Wasteful and time consuming"positioning" I/O, is eliminated.

JOBLOGs with the date/time in each and every record, so that full and filtered Viewing of 24x7 JOBLOG data makes sense; no need to do backward and forward “finds” of the date rec to determine “what” day you are looking at.

Seamless concatenation of the primary and secondary NETLOG, AO log and RODM log data sets ensures you'll find the messages you're seeking, even if they're on the inactive log, or your problem spans both logs.

Through a single NetView or TSO logon, NetResults/z provides seamless connectivity to any/all Domains/Logs.

Cross domain VIEWing of any SYSLOG, JOBLOG, NETLOG, AO log or RODM log data set, is both fast and efficient; we use the High-Performance transport and we filter on the remote side.

Powerful filtering mechanisms; utilizing a combination of KEYWORDs, Dynamic ARGUMENTs, AND/OR/NOT Operators and a Time ViewScope feature, "do" find the proverbial "needle in a haystack".

Zoom/UnZoom facility to effortlessly "toggle" back and forth between a "full" and a "filtered" View of any log data set. Zoom/UnZoom provides "context", which greatly facilitates the problem resolution process.


How will NetResults/z Benefit You ?

    Rapid Resolution of Problems

    Reduction in PD Time and Costs

    Increase In Customer Satisfaction

    Increase In Resource Availability

    One uniform Tool, Not Many


Ever Wonder what was happening after you press the Enter Key?

Surely, a rhetorical question to anyone who has ever been involved in problem determination (PD).

Surveys of personnel involved in PD, reveal that much of their time is consumed by things like;

Erroneous requests (typos, finger trips); Requests that needlessly process beyond the time scope of the problem at hand (like going back to midnight when the problem was between 08:15-09:00); And most of all, the inability of popular PD tools to provide the ongoing status and control of a PD request.

Most PD tools, simply "go away" until they've finished the request. Some enable the end-user to abort the request by hitting the ATTN key.

NetResults/z, however, interacts with the end-user from request initiation until request completion.

As it is processing, NetResults/z tells you where it's at in the log. During that time, you can invoke its "Brakes" feature to suspend and resume the Viewing process, at will.

What about after you've found what you've sought ?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could point to any of the messages you've filtered (the "hits"), depress one key,immediatelyjump to that point in the log, and then see a "full" VIEW of the other messages; so you could put the "hit" into context ?

Wouldn't it even be better if you could "toggle" back and forth, between the "filtered" and the "full" VIEWs ?

With NetResults/z, you can do just that, immediately, with one keypress. And under the covers, it's all done with one physical I/O.

Surveys show that PD personnel always re-look at the messages they've filtered. They do so because they want to also see the neighboring messages; So they can bring the filtered message(s) into context.

Why is Context so important ?

Well, if every port on a Switch or Hub goes down; knowing that they went down because the Switch or Hub itself went down, changes the entire complexion of the problem; doesn’t it ?

Context is essential to problem resolution, and NetResults/z is the only tool that facilitates context, dynamically.

What's the alternative to zooming back and forth ?

Much re-processing, much time consumed. It's not uncommon, for end-users without a Zoom/UnZoom facility, to re-process thousands of log messages, sometimes two and three times, just to get another look.

What are the consequences of having to look in more than one data source for the answer to a problem ?

The consequences, in terms of time and effort and many times results, are great.

Many shops spin off their SYSLOG data sets, many times a day; because they are so voluminous.

On the other hand, there are shops that ensure they have the "capacity" to hold 24 hours of SYSLOG online. But then spin off their SYSLOGs at midnight. Therefore, the data needed to shoot any problems that occur before midnight, is offline.

In either case, PD becomes unwieldy; because the data needed to shoot the problem at hand, may be in more than one physical data set and not readily accessible.

Accessibility; that factor alone, is probably one of the most time consuming aspects of the PD process.

Finding the right data set(s) and being relegated to using a flat-file browse facility, is not only tedious, but many times ineffective.

NetResults/z addresses “all” of your PD needs and problems;

Our seamless concatenation of both online/offline logs and primary/secondary logs, that provide instant accessibilty to as much data as you might need; our powerful filtering mechanisms that enable you to gather all the data you might need with “one” command, not many; the zoom/unzoom facility which enables you to flip back and forth between a Filtered View and a Full View, with one keypress; Viewscopes that process specific time periods; end-user feedback that shows you the ongoing progress of your request; and a Brake facility that enables you to suspend and resume your request, at will.

All of these features provide significant  benefits that enable you to pinpoint and resolve problems better and faster than any other tool in the S390 and z/OS environments

NetResults/z makes a significant difference.

Ask any of our Users !u

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